Basics Of An Employee Referral Programme

Right from history, employee referrals have been in place. It is just in recent times that it got an official framework. Their fame came as a result of a sharp reduction of trained workers in the system whereas the order for workforce was on a consistent increase. The search for gift has necessitated a lot of human resource institutions to adopt various forms of recruitments including the art of employee referrals.

This concept is established in order to connect professionals with their required career jobs. It also relies on the belief that sound workers are supposed to meet and relate with people they share the same interest with. They do this by professionally engaging or connecting these employees together, even better than how recruiters would have done it. In view of the fact that workers are the basis for this initiative, it is very important that they need to be adequately rewarded so that they can be excited to effectively refer capable and talented applicants, using different competing means like contest and inducement.

Most multi-national recruiting firms have recorded massive successes in this area. They did this through the use of a committed and devoted referral websites and this measure have in turn garnered great successes in business growth at a very low recruitment charge, getting large number of candidates employed including a well defined channel for recruiting candidates in the future. Therefore, in order to apply this initiative, there is need to really understand the basic concepts that is attached to it. If they are not properly analyzed, much success may not be recorded.

A human resource referral initiative can be explained with these few point below;

The first point to state here is: this initiative can be said to be accomplished if employees successfully refer the right candidates to the organization. If an elaborate and difficult referral process is applied, it will be certainly time consuming and it could be a serious disadvantage development in compelling workers to key in. on the other hand, if the system has an easy process, getting employees on board with the initiative will be faster and the result will be such that employees will be able to source for the right candidates. The first factor to consider here is that workers and other stakeholders are aware that sourcing for a suitable candidate for a particular job requires carefulness. This is so because the process can either make or mar the system.

The next point I’ll like to state here is that offering inducement and motivation is suppose to be widely shared among workers, instead of isolating it to a few hands that probably referred the right candidates. If motivation is generally shared, it will spur a sense of drive and self confidence on the workers to effectively and efficiently carry out their tasks with the expectation of a positive result. Finally, this referral initiative is suppose to act in response to workers within a day or two days after receiving a referral from them. The initiative may not survive if there are constant delays in response. It is right to state that there are other factors that make up a successful employee referral initiative but these few if implemented will go a long way in achieving the desired result.

How to Start an Employee Referral Program

Due to high competition in the labor market, discovering intelligent hands can be a difficult task. Job recruiters are seeking for better ways to employ suitable applicants in order to grow their company. Usually, an employee referral initiative has the tactics of employing smart candidates at a very low rate. The question that is asked is why and how do you want to establish an employee referral initiative?

There are several answers to this question;

If workers are effectively involved in sourcing for candidates, they can help in ensuring a successful result because they useful marketers. Recognizing and rewarding them for their effort is paramount as this will encourage them to do more. Another factor to look at when trying to establish this referral initiative is that it ensures time management. Given that workers will source for candidates and interview them on your behalf, duty is just to verify if the interviewed candidate is the right choice that your staff made on behalf of the organization.

There is a compelling need for the referral scheme to have a defined procedure that can enable the worker to propose the referred candidate. What this means is that there should be a designed online channel through which all parties involved in the recruitment process can be able to accept and treat the candidate’s application. A healthy employee referral initiative will have the ability to offer quick response to the applicant within one day or two days, including constantly informing the worker who participated in the sourcing for the candidate regarding the level of progress in the recruitment process.

Just as I said earlier, offering incentives to the worker for a job well done can boost his morale. They should be acknowledged and rewarded handsomely. Well, we have taken some time to explain how to set up an employee referral scheme but you should know that in every organized set up, there are always challenges. If you fail to properly educate your staff on how to run the sourcing and recruitment process, they may abuse the system by referring their relatives or mutual friends who may not be the perfect fit for the advertised position. Another problem to avoid is that if the program is full of complex policies and laws, your workers may not effectively participate in it. Conclusively, it is fair to state that there are other methods on how to set up a referral program but the few points we explained here can go a long way in helping out.